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Registration of the Building on EgyptGBC


The Client initiates the registration process by filling an application form and submitting a duly signed copy to Egypt GBC
either manually or online at www.EgyptGBC.org  website, along with the payment of the fixed registration fee.

The application form includes the following information on the project:

  • Project Name
  • Building type (i.e. Residential – Hospital – Office – School)
  • TARSHEED Rating System (i.e. New/Existing esidential Commercial – Community)
  • Project address
  • Gross built up area
  • Plot area
  • Building footprint
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Owner
  • Consultant
  • Contractor
  • Project manager
  • Registration date

Upon the clearance of the payment and completeness of the application form, Egypt GBC will issue a receipt and an identification number for each building.
The building would appear in Egypt GBC website under “registered” status.

Upon the agreement of the scope and services between the Client and Egypt GBC, a contract would be signed.
The services should be initiated as per the agreed upon date in the contract.

If the Client is interested to receive TARSHEED training, a separate request should be submitted to Egypt GBC with the number of trainee either manually or online at www.EgyptGBC.org website. As part of the Egypt GBC registration benefits, the Client would receive discount on the TARSHEED training after successful registration.
An additional discount is provided for Egypt GBC Corporate Members.

Design Assessment Website

  • The Client who registered the project could now have access to TARSHEED Tools to understand the credits and determine which certification level would be target.
  • Once the Client is satisfied that selected credits are sufficient to meet TARSHEED requirements and that the supporting documentation are gathered, the Client would contact Egypt GBC to start the design assessment process.
  • The Client should pay the design assessment fee as per the financial proposal.
  • Upon successful payment, Egypt GBC will organize a meeting between the Client and the appointed TARSHEED Assessor(s) for this project. During this meeting, TARSHEED Assessor(s) examines each credit, discusses with the Client’s design team the approach followed, and reviews the supporting documentation.
  • After the meeting, the TARSHEED Assessor(s) will prepare the Design Assessment Report. The TARSHEED Assessor(s) will also underline if another meeting would be required or only minor follow-up.
  • Once the TARSHEED Assessor(s) is satisfied with the provided documentation, the Design Assessment phase would be completed and Egypt GBC would issue a formal written statement indicating that if the design intentions are carried out throughout the construction stage, the project will be on track to achieve TARSHEED Residential Certification. The “intended” certification level would be included in this written statement.
  • Two design assessment follow-ups will be conducted during the construction phase at a date to be agreed upon with the Client.

Final Assessment and Certification

  • During the project construction stage, the Client could update the credits and the targeted certification level as long as it is still meeting the TARSHEED requirements.
  • Once the Client is satisfied that TARSHEED requirements are met and that the full supporting documentation are gathered, the Client would contact Egypt GBC to start the final assessment process.
  • The Client should pay the final assessment fee as per the financial proposal.
  • Upon successful payment, Egypt GBC will set up a date for a site visit to the project location by the appointed TARSHEED Assessor(s).
  • During the site visit, the TARSHEED Assessor(s) will follow a standardized checklist for each TARSHEED credit to confirm compliance through visual inspection and the provided supporting documentation. The Client could provide additional supporting documents to the Assessor(s) post the site visit within a maximum duration of 2 weeks.


  • After the site visit, the TARSHEED Assessor(s) will issue the Final Assessment Report, which includes a scoring for the achieved TARSHEED credits and the suggested certification level.
  • Egypt GBC will review the Final Assessment Report submitted by the Assessor(s) and issue the final certification level.
  • If needed The Client could appeal “once” over an unfavourable scoring by submitting a duly completed claim form (including any additional supporting documents) accompanied by a payment of EGP 5,000 per credit.
  • Upon issuance of the Final Assessment Report and Certification Level (and in case no appeal is made by the Client), Egypt GBC would issue the certificate package which includes one TARSHEED certificate at no extra cost to the client.
  • If the Client requires additional TARSHEED Certificates, Building Plaque, or other requirements this would involve additional fee to be determined by Egypt GBC.
  • The project name will move from the “registered” projects directory to the “certified” projects directory on Egypt GBC website.

Registration and contract signature

  • Fill application.
  • Building is registered on Egypt GBC.
  • Contract signature.

Design Assessment

  • Utilize TARSHEED tools.
  • Meeting with Assessors.
  • Design review report.
  • Issuance of formal statement with certification level.

Final Assessment

  • Updates of credit scoring and supporting documents (if needed)
  • Project on-site visit.
  • Final Assessment Report
  • Final certification Level

Issuance of TARSHEED certificate

  • Optional
  • Additional Certificates
  • Plaques
  • And other client requirements