About Us

Where do we work?

We strive to promote our sustainability goals to transform the construction industry and develop sustainable building practices in Egypt's rural and urban areas. We believe that there is a real need for sustainable building solutions everywhere, whether through trying to modify already existing areas or by implementing Tarsheed's new rating system and green building best practices on new cities and communities.

Our work impacts different sectors across the country and works directly with contractors and construction companies to promote sustainability. We aim to support Egypt’s 2030 sustainability vision by providing education for sustainability goals through webinars, seminars, and training in partnership with universities, corporate and government entities.

We are involved with multiple Egyptian ministries including the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Housing Utilities and Urban Communities to provide guidance and support for governmental projects in the sustainability sector. Our expertise extends to:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Architecture Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering